Her Success Is Not Your Failure

A sweet friend once mustered up the courage to tell me something I didn’t want to hear at the time, but really needed to. After complaining and venting about some things, she told me that if I was measuring my self worth or the success of my business to anything other than my relationship with God, I was wrong and wouldn’t find what I was looking for. Boy did that little truth bomb hurt! My initial reaction was to immediately start defending myself. But, the more I thought about it, the more I felt convicted and I knew she was right.

5 Practical Tips for Improving Your Bible Reading

Let’s be honest. Reading the Bible regularly is not always easy. We’re very busy. We have to work, there’s a forever long to-do list of chores around the house, the kids are demanding our attention (I don’t have kids yet but I can only imagine), and sometimes the Bible can just flat out be difficult to understand. I get it. But, let’s be honest again…you can’t have a relationship with God and know His will for you if you’re not reading your Bible and spending time with Him, right?